Gordonís Black Fly Larva

Fly: John Gordon, Photograph: Hans Weilenmann

Hook: Tiemco 101 (size #22)
Thread: 8/0 Uni-thread (Black)
Body: DMC embroidery threads #732 Olive & #762 light gray

Note: This was pattern was inspired by Don Holbrook and Ed Koch book Midge Magic. Tying instructions
  1. Start thread just behind the hook eye.

  2. Separate out a single splice of the DMC embroidery thread for each color.

  3. Tie in both pieces of DMC thread at the eye and cover wrap with your black tying thread down to the hook barb.

  4. Wrap black tying thread back up to the hook eye and let it hang.

  5. Take both strands of DMC thread and wrap simultaneously up to the hook eye. If done properly the threads should have a segmented color separation between wraps. Be careful not to over lap your wraps.

  6. Tie off DMC thread and create a head with the black tying thread.

  7. Whip finish and coat the thread only with head cement.

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