CDC Micro Caddis

Pattern: Ronald Leyzen, Fly and photograph: Hans Weilenmann

Hook: Partridge SUD #16-20 (or equivalent dry fly hook)
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, olive
Body: Mole, dyed in picric acid
Wing: CDC feather (Type 2) fixed at 45 degrees as per instructions

(The materials are listed in the order they are tied in. Instructions assume righthanded tier.)

Tying instructions:

  1. Attach thread behind eye, run down shank towards bend. Apply a very small amount of dubbing. This is one of the rare moments that I use wax in my tying. Coat a short section of thread with _tacky_ wax and lightly dust the thread with short staple dubbing (I like to use mole) and wrap a thin body, all the way to the eye.

  2. Take a CDC feather. Hold the butt with one hand, slide the other hand up the feather to bunch up the tips. Tie in with the tips facing over the eye. The tips will be folded back over the body to form the wing, so allow for the right length.

  3. Now trim the butt section of the CDC, leaving a small 'stump' about one quarter shank length. This step is crucial, as the 'stump' will ensure that the wing and body will remain seperate while fishing this fly.

  4. Fold the CDC tips back over the body, and fix them at some 45 degrees up from the body with a few wraps of thread. Whip finish and apply a touch of varnish.

While fishing this fly, it tends to hang with the body suspended under the surface film, floating on the wing. It works well on fish taking emerging pupae _and_ adult caddis. It is also a very useful BWO pattern.

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